The bobcats have a special home at the sanctuary. Preston and Manka are best friends! They are rarely far from each other. We believe it is of the utmost importance that wild animals in captivity have companionship, even if they are considered ‘solitary’ in the wild. The bonds, we have seen normally ‘solitary’ wild ones from over the years, are truly heartwarming.

Preston’s such a laid back guy. Not much bothers him. Preston is one of several animal ambassadors who live at AFAS. Preston loves the attention of having his picture taken almost as much as he loves his little playhouse. While Manka loves to play and loves new toys!

Manka & Preston always surprise visitors when they hear the two purr. They sound like domestic cats only a little louder. Though their behaviors can be similar, bobcats (as well as other wild animals) never make good pets. Sadly, many wild animals are born into a life of captivity for exploitation and greed. It’s so important to resist purchasing a wild animal or supporting places that ‘use’ them for profit. True sanctuaries always put the animals’ well-being first and the animals are never purchased or exploited.

Preston & Manka hope our local friends remember them when cleaning out their freezers. While they love chicken, beef, fish, and venison, other animals at AFAS eat vegetables and fruits. So we can use a lot of what most people would throw out.