The foxes at the sanctuary are Sasha and Marble. They love running around and having fun with each other as they’re best friends! Some other foxes come and go as they get rehabilitated but these two happily live here forever.

Sasha is a happy and very talkative girl. With so many different vocalizations, from laughing & happy screams to deep warning growls & barks, it’s always easy to tell what kind of mood Sasha is in. Most days she is a happy-go-lucky girl who just wants to play.

Marble, a fox bred for his fur, was rescued from a facility where he was badly neglected. Living the first 8 years of his life all alone, Marble now is best friends with Sasha. He loves running around all day and getting treats! This very special boy has a forever home at AFAS.

Sasha and Marble have their area at the sanctuary where they have a den, soft and warm straw beds, playhouses and jungle gyms, and plenty of places for them to run around on.

Though red foxes in the wild have no need to hunt in groups (since they mostly eat mice, small rodents, & birds) they are social with other foxes.