Gabbie went facebook famous in the winter of 2016 so she deserved her own page! 

Abbe Freeland receives dozens of inquiries on how Gabbie is doing and requests for pictures all the time. Gabbie, is about one year old and is as sweet and lovable as ever. Gabbie still freely roams around the sanctuary, but rarely goes far from my side. At chore time she is my shadow, following me from one pen to another. Her favorite is the porcupine pen because she gets to see her buddy, Sully.

She lost her mother and siblings when she was recently born and moved to the sanctuary quickly after that. Gabbie is enjoying all the tender green grass, following the volunteers around, seeing all of her animal friends, and talking! She loves the warm weather outside and loves to frolic and jump but getting a video of her is difficult because she stays so close!