Our Other Visitors

The sanctuary takes in many many more animals including vultures, squirrel, possums, cats, owls, dogs, ducks, birds, swans, deer and more that come to be rehabilitated and released or rehabilitated and find themselves living at AFAS for the rest of their lives. 

Patch, the kitten who had such a bad eye injury that I had to have my eye removed. Patch sure had a rough start, but is doing great now!

After spending a night or more in a garbage can, a little possum was understandably grumpy. After a few days of good food and plenty of water, she was able to be released back into the wild. 

Back in the wild, a barred owl is one of the two barred owls we recently released. She immediately flew up into a nearby tree and surveyed her new surroundings. Normally we release back where an animal came from but the people who found her, who were not locals, couldn’t remember where they had picked her up. She now has huge fields to hunt in, thick pine stands for shelter, a beaver pond, and acres of hardwoods.

These are just three stories of the hundreds of animals the sanctuary has helped and saved since their start and will continue to do with everyone’s support.