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 Sully the Porcupine

Sully is the most lively of the porcupine bunch at Abbe-Freeland. He has been in our care since he was born, and due to a birth defect he has been adopted into our educational program and will be a lifelong member of the Abbe- Freeland Animal Sanctuary. Sully is the most playful porcupine and loves sweet potatoes!

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 Marble the Fox 

Marble just turned 10 years old in October! Marble, a fox bred for his fur, was rescued from a facility where he was badly neglected. Living the first 8 years of his life all alone, Marble now is best friends with Sasha. Foxes like Marble are called Ranch Foxes and are bred, then killed, for their fur, because of this, Marble has a forever home at AFAS.

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Patch the Cat

Born in a barn and living as a feral kitten he somehow lost his eye. In July he found himself cornered by dogs, their guardian rescued him and contacted AFAS to come to his rescue. Covered in fleas and fighting an infection, he was weak but since he has been through multiple surgeries and is much better. Patch’s forever home will be at the AFAS. 

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 Preston the Bobcat 

Preston, a 5 year old bobcat, enjoys a carefree life with plenty of food, a wonderful friend to play with, and a fun, stimulating enclosure with lots of cool places to climb. With swimming pools in the summer and toys to play with,  Preston leads a full and happy life at the sanctuary. He is one of the many animals who have a forever home at AFAS.

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Faith the Beaver

Faith is one of our educational animals who has a forever home at the sanctuary. She loves chewing on sweet corn and swimming in her pond.

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